Organizational Functions

Commissioner is the link between the Government and the Districts. All sections report to him and execute works at his instant. He co-ordinates the activities of the Department with the Deputy Commissioners at district level and Additional/Joint Director at Bangalore Informal Rationing Area. Fair Price Shops are the link between the department and the people. Food Inspectors and other Officers of the department constantly watch these shops and see that they function accordingly to meet the objectives of the Department and the Government. Strict vigilance is kept on these shops and any irregularities are treated effectively. Care is taken to take the benefit to needy citizens.

Government of India allots rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene to State Government every month. The allotment is based on the number of ration cards.

To protect the low income groups by guaranteeing them supply of certain minimum quantities of food grains at affordable price. Ensuring equitable distribution. Controlling the price rise of Essential Commodities in the open market. Essential Commodities are distributed through Fair Price Shops to ensure that the basic food requirement of the population is met on the one hand and food security to the poor on the other. Food grains are issued to the poor and vulnerable sections of the society at affordable prices.

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