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       Notification dated 01-05-2018 Revise and re-fix the sale rate of fresh milk in loose form boiled and its bye products .pdf

        Notification dated 13th January 2018 revise and refix the sale rate of PDS SKO at Rs. 25.40 per litre .pdf

       Notification dated 17th March 2018 Revise and refix the sale rate of PDS SKO at Rs. 27.04 per litre applicable within the Municipal limits of Srinagar    

        District for the month of March 2018.pdf

      Notification Dated 24 February 2018 the maximum retail the sale rate of vegetables and fruits as shown against each in Annexure A and B to this notification applicable within the Municipal Limits of Srinagar District .pdf


     Publication of Notice Rate of LPG dated 01-05-2018 .pdf

     Publication of rates of LPG.pdf

      Rate of Essential Commodities. pdf





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