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Release of funds Centrally Sponsored Scheme Order No.71 dated 14-03- 2017 Release of funds .pdf Allocation of Foodgrains (Rice and Wheat /Atta) for the month of April 2017 under NFSA allocations. pdf          
re-fix the sale rate of fresh Milk in loose form Cow Milk.pdf



re-fix the sale rate of pouch Milk Pouch Milk.pdf imposition of restrictions on injudicious use of Essential Commodities in Social /Govt/Private functions order no.39.pdf
Publication of rates of LPG dated 02-03-2017
LPG Rate.pdf
Allocation of foodgrains for the month of March 2017
Order No.44.pdf


Notification dated 20th Feb 2017 rates of vegetables & fruits
Vegetables .pdf


Rate of Chachwaroo and Lawasa

Notificate 2nd .pdf

Rates of Poultry dated
Chicken. pdf
Attachment of Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Lone Budgam
Order No.114.pdf


Promotion of ASK -cum Clerk as Store keepers
Order No.112.pdf


Adjustment of Shir Fayaz Ahmad Ahanger
Order No.100.pdf
National Tender Sugar
NIT03-2016-17 (1).pdf
National Tender Sugar
Final Seniority list of SK Pay scale of Rs. 5200-20200-+2400
Order No.115.pdf


Launching of Mufti  Mohammad Sayeed Food Entitlement Scheme in the J&K State.IMG_20160507_0001 - Copy .pdf
National Tender Sugar NIT03-2016-17 (2).pdf
Rate Notification Dated Srinagar 27th of April 2016               Fish rate.pdf
Rate, Notification Srinagar dated 27th of April 2016
rate list.pdf
Installation of electronic weighing machines at FPS
link  (2).pdf


Obtaining of Bank Guarantee from Fair Price Shop dealers
link 2.pdf


RTI Act for the month of April atata.pdf
Allocation of Atta for the month of May 2016 Atta.pdf
Attachment of Mr. Shafi Rather ( Kandaman) Attachment .pdf
Adjustment of Shri Mohammad Yousuf Younis TSO
Order No.99.pdf
Adjustment of TSOs of Kargil
Order No.91.pdf
Implementation of Mufti Mohd Sayeed food Entitlement Scheme and NFSA Rate  of All category of AAy,PHH,BPL,NPHH
Urdu rates.pdf
Transfer and Posting
order No.92.pdf
Agent-wise/District-wise SKO allocation under PDS for the month of May 2016
Order No.56 .pdf
Allocation of foodgrains Rice for the month of July 2016 Order No.202.pdf
Mutton Notification Dated Srinagar 23rd May 2016,
23RD mAY.pdf
Rates of LPG in the month of June Dated 03-06-2016,
Rates of Essential commodities RATES .pdf
Market checking of Srinagar
Press Release .pdf
Misappropriation of foodgrains in supervisory Circle Baramulla "D"
Order .pdf
District-wise SKO allocation under PDS for the month of December 2016Order No.61 .pdf
Allocation of Sugar for the month of December 2016
Order No.399.pdf
Allocation of food grains for the month of December 2016 Order No.400.pdf
Allocation of foodgrains for the month of January 2017
Order No.406.pdf
Rate of Poultry Products Notification .pdf
Agent-wise District-wise SKO allocation under PDS for the month of October 2016. 
 Rate of Ration cards all category Rate of ration Card All category. pdf
Allocation of foodgrains for the month of Feb and march order 86DCAPDK OF 2016 dated.18-02-2016  (Links)             BBB.pdf  lll.pdf Allocation of Sugar for the month of February 2016 (Link )           TTT.pdf Allocation of food-grains for the month of March 2016 NFSA                   Order No.63.pdf Restoration of supplies of FPS dealer Miss Asifa Jan                                   Order No.67.pdf Final combined seniority list of chief  inspectors             Order No.36.pdf
Allocation of Atta for the month of January 2016 (TPDS)                        Order No.73 (2).pdf
Adjustment of officials          Order No.57.pdf
Release of funds Release Order No.32DCAPDK of 2016 dated 18-02-2016(Links) Funds.pdf Release of Additional Funds under Major Heads order No.24 DCAPDK of 2016 dated 13-02-2016  VVV.pdf Notification Dated, Srinagar Ist March 2016  rate list.pdf Voluntarily retirement of Mr. Bashir Ahmad Wani ASK R.No.4169                 Order No.67.pdf Display of Sign Boards by the Retail K-oil Dealers. circular.pdf
Allocation of Wheat /Atta for the month of February 2016.                               Order No.82.pdf
Adjustment of Staff              Order No.56.pdf
Compassionate appointment Order No.33 DCAPDK of 2016 dated 19-02-2016 (Links)       DDD.pdf Corrigendum  dated  20-02-2016              new. pdf Allocation of food grains for the month of March 2016                       Order No.66.pdf Attachment of officials                       Order No.64.pdf Section 4 (1) (b) of J&K RTI Act 2009          section 4(1).pdf
Allocation of foodgrains (rice) for the month of Feb. 2016 under NFSA              Order No.80.pdf
Release of funds under Annual Plan 2015-16             Order No.71.pdf
Tentative list of Storekeepers of CAPD Kashmir Division                      Link .pdf Unauthorized absence from duties Mr. Sajad Ahmad Khan                  Charge sheet .pdf Notice for Labourers / Hamals/Mates and Kandis dated10-03-2016                       Notice .pdf Loading point of food grains for PEG Srinagar (Shilvat) Order No.58.pdf Complaint against Mr. Mohd Iqbal Lone Order No.73.pdf
Deposition of sale proceeds by Fair PriceNIT03-2016-17 (1).pdf Shop                          OrderNo.102.pdf                 
Attachment of Mr. Mohd Yousuf Allie Order No.72.pdf
Rate list of mutton,Milk,vegitables,
fruits                    Notification .pdf
conduct of physical verification of stocks/stores  Order No. 95 .pdf 
Appointment of candidates class IV district cadre Kupwara               Order No. 97.pdf
Allocation of district-wise SKO        Order No.44-55.pdf
Allocation of foodgrains (rice) for the month of January 2016 Implementation of NFSA               Order No.69 (2).pdf
 Notice Departmental promotion committee meeting was held on 29-12-2011 to consider the promotion of officials of different grades  Notices .pdf
Implementation of NFSA 2013 Inclusion/ exclusion        Order No.128.pdf
Rate list of Poultry Products Dated         30-03-2016
Notification dated 30th March .pdf
Administrative inspection of District offices of CAPD Department Kashmir for the year 2016Order No.108 (1).pdf
Order No.108 (2) - Copy. pdf
Compliance of public authorities with section 4 (1) (b) of J&K RTI Act,2009 Feb.2016  
4(2) (b).pdf
Compliance of Public Authorities Section 4 (1) (b) of 2016J&K RTI Act, 2009
RTI Act Law section. pdf
Allocation of Rice for the month of May 2016order 137.pdf
Appointment of candidates for class IV in Kupwara Cancellation thereof          Class IV Kupwara. pdf
RTI Act, 2009 4th Quarterly Return for 4th Jan 2016-March 2016 RTI.pdf




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